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We are providing different types of Consultancy & Training such as, Solar, Agro, Textile & Compliance

SHS International is offering Several Categories of Consultancy, Distribution & Supply Services in many different aspects. We cordially invite you to go through the following list and find the most efficient, effective & sustainable consultancy service/s suitable for your organization. We provide the Consultancy & training on Compliance.


Textile Segment: One Stop Solution for varies type Textile Project (Specially Textile Knit Composite, Woven Textile, Lingerie Garments, Geo Textile, Denim Plant, Existing BMRE etc.)

1. We can provide following Consultancy Services includes:

2. Existing Asset Valuation Assessment: Including land, buildings, machines, inventories, furniture, vehicles, raw materials, spares, fixtures, dyes, chemicals, accessories etc.

3. Technical Assessment: To find out the reasons of production loss due to inefficient performance, improvement in production time, minimizing process loss, saving in product cost, various energy saving including steam, electricity, gas, water, air etc.

4. Sourcing of Project Foreign Fund: Subject to fulfillment of eligibility criteria of client as per respective Foreign Fund Provider. We work for foreign fund sourcing only in case of confirmation/agreement of technical consultancy.

5. ERP Solutions: Salary, Production, Inventory, Supply chain, Automation etc.

6. RAS (Recirculating Aquaculture System) Fish project.

7. Solar Project:

8. Salt Purification Plant:


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